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This is a website for the study of the life and work of Ann Griffiths (1776-1805), the prominent Welsh poet and hymn-writer, and a Christian poet of international stature.

The website comprises of three main sections:

1. Studying Ann Griffiths
Material relating to the life, work and background of Ann Griffiths by Dr E. Wyn James, including a general introduction to her life and work.

2. Digital texts
Digital versions of manuscripts, books and articles relating to Ann Griffiths, including the earliest versions of her hymns and letters, core biographical material, and a cross-section of critical writings on her life and work.

3. Ann Griffiths: translations of her work
Ann Griffiths’s hymns and letters are in Welsh. This section provides access to them in the original Welsh and in English translation.

The content of this website is copyright. The page Copyright matters includes details of copyright ownership and the terms on which material may be reproduced.

Technical details relating to the website and the digitisation project are to be found on the Digitisation Project information page.

It is intended to further develop this website by adding new materials from time to time. We welcome queries and suggestions regarding the website and its content: Contact us.